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Hot melt adhesive film, decorative film, heat sealing tape customization:


Product demonstration
Bamarossa product
Hot Melt Adhesive Film
In addition to common specifications,...
【Model】Hot Melt Adhesive
【Width】0-1500mm (customizable)
【Thickness】0.05mm, 0.07mm, 0.1mm
【Press belt parameters】Using temperature 120℃~140℃
【Pressure belt pressure】Pressure 3kg, time 10s~20s
【Product Features】Good adhesion, soft hand feel, good elasticity, customized processing
【Scope of application】Decorative film is used for lamination of water-repellent fabrics, down jackets, seamless shirts, jackets, knitted fabrics, and spandex mesh gauze.
Non-woven Tape
In addition to common specifications,...
【Model】AS3002, M3002
【Regular width】18mm, 20mm, 22mm
【Color】white, snow white, sky blue, emerald green, orange red
【Product Features】Low processing temperature, strong adhesion, good flexibility, good low temperature performance
【Scope of application】All kinds of medical protective clothing, anti-bacterial infection series and non-woven products
Pure TPU Tape
In addition to common specifications,...
【Model】MB-210E, MB-220E, AS2031
【Thickness】0.08mm, 0.1mm, 0.12mm
【Composition】Pure PU
【Product Features】Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, temperature-resistant, oil-resistant
【Scope of application】Such as raincoats, mountaineering suits, ski suits and various waterproof products, etc.
Product advantage
Product Advantages
  • Support for customization
  • Feel soft
  • Strong adhesion
    粘合力强 粘合反应速度快
  • 热封胶带

  • Environmental protection production
    标准材质 环保生产
  • Light and beautiful
    质轻美观 应用方便
  • High air permeability
  • Application area
    Hot melt adhesive
    Product Development
    Product Development
    Choose the right film
    Carefully select suitable materials for hot melt adhesive film and decorative...
    Fitting equipment selection
    Professional and technical personnel recommend suitable laminating machinery...
    Technical guidance application
    Attentive service to adjust the lamination temperature, lamination time and...
  • Bamarossa Custom Service
    Professionally create quality
  • Identify Needs
    The business department obtains customer demand...
  • Project Proofing
    Quick response, project proofing, confirm and...
  • Order Payment
    Quotation according to demand, customer orders...
  • Product Manufacturing
    Production after confirming the sample
  • Factory Shipped
    Arrange delivery after production is complete
  • Receipt Inspection
    Customer checks the goods and confirm receipt
  • About us
    Committed to the development

    Guangzhou Bamalosa Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is located in Pan District, Guangzhou. We are committed to the research and development and production of hot melt adhesive films, and provide technical support for garment enterprises to meet the diversified needs of the market. The company's main business is research and development, production and sales of clothing accessories such as hot melt adhesive films, which are widely used in functional clothing and equipment such as jackets, ski suits, seamless shirts, tents, bags, protective clothing, etc. All products are hot melt type.

    Committed to the development
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