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Introduce several classifications of TPU films


TPU waterproof and breathable membrane (high, medium and low moisture permeability) Uses: clothing, shoe materials and fabrics Lamination specifications: Width: 54” 58” 60” Thickness: Thickness 0.015mm—0.80mm, the colors are transparent, translucent, foggy Surface, milky white, skin color, black.Type: polyether, polycaprolactone Advantages: high moisture permeability, good hand feel, high water pressure resistance, good processing performance, washable and dry cleaning TPU waterproof breathable membrane is mainly made of elastomer, its elasticity Excellent, high strength, in terms of waterproof properties, it has physical properties unmatched by other materials (can withstand water pressure of more than 10000mm, as thin as 0.012mm); TPU film has very good moisture permeability in addition to high waterproofness ( Human sweat can freely penetrate between the films)

Uses: Mainly suitable for all kinds of clothing fabrics: windbreakers, raincoats, shoes, hats, gloves, cold jackets, ski gloves in the morning, gift bags, mobile phone wipes, leisure products, sporting goods, military defense and medical equipment are useful.


1. TPU transparent film

Uses: shoes, bags, handbags, clothing, medical, military, toys

Thickness: 0.02-0.2MM

Product advantages: high strength, high tear strength, high oil resistance, low compression deformation, high elasticity, high softness.

2. TPU waterproof breathable membrane

Colors: Matte, Cream, Skin Tone, Black.

Thickness: 0.02---0.2MM

Uses: Clothing, shoe material and fabric fit.

Advantages: high water pressure resistance, high moisture permeability, good hand feel, good processing performance, washable and dry cleaning resistance.

3. Hot melt adhesive film

Uses: shoe materials, clothing, waterproof strips, waterproof zippers, trademarks, computer woven labels, embroidery.

Advantages: It is an adhesive material, used to bond two same or different materials, and can be laminated with various fabrics and plastics.

Features: No glue required when bonding, no solvent, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, washable, dry cleaning, soft to the touch.

4. High and low temperature film

Uses: water-filled bags, air-filled bags, foam composite products.

Advantages: high wear resistance, high tear strength, high weather resistance, bacterial invasion resistance, hydrolysis resistance.



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